Via alltid läsvärda ECHR Blog hittar jag nedanstående fantastiska citat från Europadomare Bonello efter att Europadomstolen blivit anklagade för att ägna sig åt rättighetsimperialism om den skulle fälla svarandestaten i två mål. Målen, Al Skeini och Al Jedda mot Förenade kungadömena, rörde tillämpligheten av Europakonventionen under Irakkriget. Närmare bestämt: ”The first case concerned civilians killed during British security operations in Iraq. The second case was about the the internment of an Iraqi for more than three years in a detention centre in Basrah which was run by British forces. ” Bonello skriver (och jag kursiverar några meningar som jag gillar särskilt).


37. I confess to be quite unimpressed by the pleadings of the United Kingdom Government to the effect that exporting the European Convention on Human Rights to Iraq would have amounted to “human rights imperialism”. It ill behoves a State that imposed its military imperialism over another sovereign State without the frailest imprimatur from the international community, to resent the charge of having exported human rights imperialism to the vanquished enemy. It is like wearing with conceit your badge of international law banditry, but then recoiling in shock at being suspected of human rights promotion.

38. Personally, I would have respected better these virginal blushes of some statesmen had they worn them the other way round. Being bountiful with military imperialism but bashful of the stigma of human rights imperialism, sounds to me like not resisting sufficiently the urge to frequent the lower neighbourhoods of political inconstancy. For my part, I believe that those who export war ought to see to the parallel export of guarantees against the atrocities of war. And then, if necessary, bear with some fortitude the opprobrium of being labelled human rights imperialists.

39. I, for one, advertise my diversity. At my age, it may no longer be elegant to have dreams. But that of being branded in perpetuity a human rights imperialist, I acknowledge sounds to me particularly seductive.